faceliftThe nonsurgical facelift at Beautiful New You Experts is perfect for patients looking to give their entire face a more refreshed, youthful appearance. This highly individualized procedure is different for every patient, just like a traditional facelift. By adding filler here and BOTOX there, a nonsurgical facelift acts just like a regular facelift—only without the use of any scalpels or incisions. Because of this, patients experience immediate results with no downtime, and that’s not an exaggeration.

Just like any procedure delivered at our cosmetic clinic in Toronto, a nonsurgical facelift begins with a comprehensive consultation. We first learn about your goals and what you would like to improve. From there, we perform our own examination to find the exact source of wrinkles or hollows in the face. By getting a thorough grasp on the situation, our practitioners can determine exactly where, how and which dermal fillers will be used.

With our non-surgical facelift specialists’ tasteful, conservative use of fillers in target areas of the face, we are able to actually restore a generally youthful appearance without making a single incision. This is perfect for patients who would prefer not to undergo surgery, or who simply don’t need a facelift surgery.